Classroom Applications

In my future biology classroom there are two main goals that I will strive to teach my students through different types of lessons. The first, is that as the students advance in science they must learn how to separate what is scientific fact from the myths that are so easily created and believed by society. The second goal is for the students to learn how to work in groups since most science careers involve working in research teams as well as to be able to develop hypotheses based on experience and prior knowledge with that team.

These goals could be taught through giving a lesson on meiosis, the production of gamete cells, as well as the growth and development of babies. Day one would be spent discussing how babies develop and the differences in the developmental stages, which ultimately result in the sex of the baby. After learning about what biologically causes someone to be born a male or female, the second day can be spent exploring sex verses gender.

To begin the lesson, I would split the class up into laboratory groups, that consisted of both boys and girls. Their first task would be to as a team, develop a hypothesis on what they believe to be the definitions of sex and gender. Once every group had their definitions the class as a whole would come to a consensus on the two definitions. If I believe they reached the correct conclusion, I would ask the students a question similar to this: “now that you all understand what biologically determines the sex of a person, what traits (physical or emotional) do you think makes someone a man or a woman?” The lab groups would then generate lists of traits, making sure to state where those traits come from…in other words hormones, genes, peer pressure, the media, etc.  From there we would rejoin as a class to discuss the traits they all came up with and look for connections between types of traits and their sources, especially the traits that can be tied to social influences.

A couple of my follow up questions could include, “why are some traits determined by biology and why are others determined by society/peers?” “Did you originally think that biology influenced these traits?” “If society controls some of the traits that men and women express, what happens if someone chooses not to express them?”

After asking the last question I would show the class clips from multiple episodes of Glee where characters such as Bieste and Finn defy their gender norms and then get the students’ reactions. Next I would show clips of characters such as Quinn who strictly follows her norms. As a rap up the students would then talk with their groups about ways they both follow and defy their norms as well as come up with a final statement on the difference between sex and gender and how gender can effect people (examples could come from the clips…discrimination, privilege etc.)

By the end of day two, the students should have learned the biology behind sex and the development of babies as well as the main difference between sex and gender. Not only that but the students will have learned how society plays a role, in a subject matter that seems to be strictly biological, but in reality is not. And lastly I hope my students will have begun to recognize why they dress the way they do, or have certain hobbies. And that it is normal to defy your gender norms.


3 thoughts on “Classroom Applications

  1. Woww, you are going to be a science teacher!! Actually I’ve never thought about being a science subjects related teacher. But anyway, I like your like that having students in a lab and figure out the science fact behind sex and gender. It would be very interesting. I remembered in my high school, we got limited biology labs so we take turns in a unit of chapter in the textbook. I did a bio lab that was observing the onion’s cells. I remembered I almost cried out due to the smelling of onion. I like doing lab and it helps students strength their memory. Great lesson!

  2. I think you did an awesome job of being very descriptive about how you will apply these ideas to your future classroom. I thought it was very creative to incorporate meiosis to help explain these ideas that you have discussed in your blog as well. Science is surely a difficult idea to incorporate into your blog on Glee, but i think you did a very awesome job.

  3. Syndey this is amazing as usual! You really have such an understanding on what you want to teach, and the kind of teacher that you want to be. I think that teaching the diffrence between gender and sex is a great lesson that should be taught before you go to college, because I feel like people still dont understand it. Maybe another thing you could throw in your lesson is that you Santana who has all the traits of a girl, looks like a girl dresses like a girl does typical girl activities and describe how she is diffrent instead of only going into Kurt who has many femine charterstics or beast who has man manly characteristics but it still “straight” awesome job though ive enjoyed reading your thoughts over the last few weeks!

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