When I first started writing this blog, I knew Glee challenged many different stereotypes as well as incorporated tons of characters with subordinate identity markers. But I was unsure about the specific examples of social aspects that I was going to be able to find. After completing this blog I learned that several social aspects are key to the show. Without using discrimination the producers of Glee would not be able to express to their viewers the struggles that people who are homosexual or African American, for example, may face. While watching the current season I now pick up on these types of incidences and tend to tell my friends why the authors portrayed scenes in a particular way–something I was not doing in past seasons.

Throughout the blogging process having feedback from my classmates was really helpful. It caused me to realize in certain places where I was giving examples that explained the impacts of discrimination on a character, but never told how the character reacted. I was able to add some reactions into my paper that would not be there otherwise. Those reactions are important because they are proof of the influential act and they are what tells the views whether the impact was positive or negative.

I also enjoyed reading and commenting on other peoples blogs. I especially enjoyed Star’s blog on Katy Perry’s songs. I thought this was a really interesting topic becasue I never thought of the lyrics in an offensive way until Star pointed it out. Star commented back on several of my comments and I was glad to see that what I was saying was actually helping her. She also had a super unique perspective, from living in China that allowed me to look at situations differently.

Overall, I thought the blogging process worked. My favorite part about using a blog is that I was able to incorporate pictures and songs that represent and further explain what I was discussing; I would not have been able to do that in a paper. I did have some frustrations with the process though. By the end, I was very ready to be done and turn it since I had been working on it for 3 weeks. Normally a paper of mine would be written in 3 nights. I am interested though to see if this produces a better final product after spending so much time on it.  Lastly I struggled staying within the suggested blog length. I did not feel that 300 to 500 words was adequate enough to explain the concept and apply it. I did go back through and edit out some examples and I hope that my paper does not suffer because of it. I tried to write my blog so that it would flow from one post to another much like a paper would flow between paragraphs; I feel that this method is what added a good amount of the extra length.

To end my blog here a couple of my other favorite songs performed by the Glee Club!


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